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How we do it


designGraphic Design

Our design crew loves doing graphics. Seriously, we want things to not just look good, but really good. Our principal design elements require two things. Skill, and imagination. These core principals, integrated with great design software and compliant platforms, determine the best results.

In simple terms, we get to play with computers and make pictures which look awesome.

Ground-up graphic designs and logos, stock imagery, interfaces, buttons, menus, slideshow elements, custom works... we do it all.


With every website, there is programming. Boring, right? Yes, it is. Still, programmers love it. In-fact "CODE" is the only language they speak.

Behind the scenes there is complex code which you don't see. The code determines they way your entire site is displayed. From shopping carts, to blogs, to social media, code makes it all happen.

Without code, there is no website.


Howard is our resident genius. He doesn't sleep, eat, brush his hair or leave his spot. All he does is code furiously, day and night, like his life depended on it (and it does), to make your website work. How good is that!

The blank canvas

The complexity of websites can vary, simply depending on what you request or require. At Integrinet, we'll take the necessary time to assess the scope of work involved on your project. We'll help define tasks and outcomes so you can integrate them into your budget and deadlines.

The Redesign

Is your old site looking a little, well... there's no easy way of saying it – old, boring, flat, lifeless, complicated, busy, messy and basically, not great!
Let's give your site a new skin.
It's like renovating a house. We'll look at your old design, then we'll base a new fresh design around your old foundation. You get to keep what you know, and make it better. It's the perfect solution to injecting some life back into your website. We'll sit down with you and point out key areas which need addressing. Once you approve the changes, we'll have you back up and running in no time. Let us explain the different levels you can go to.

Now let's look at your Marketing and SEO